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Over the next few years, we aspire to significantly increase our headcount more – and that depends on finding the right people to work here. We need you to ‘’fit’’ with us, and we need to ‘’fit’’ with you.

Company Pillars

There are three pillars that shape the kind of company that we are building. First, we are driven by robust scientific and technical rigor. We are a science-driven organization.

Second, quality is an absolute. We accept no middle ground when it comes to product quality and specifications, and expect the same from all of our employees.

Finally, we believe in fostering a career of craftsmanship. We are committed to providing the tools and resources for our people to become crafts-men and crafts-women in their respective areas within the company.

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You feel a special energy when you walk our halls, labs and manufacturing floors. Our employees know that they are making an impact each day.

Ann, Regulatory Affairs
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