Commitment to Quality

Our most important product is Quality.

Our Quality colleagues set the rules and test against specifications.

At Teligent, the Quality Department has veto power over everyone else.  There are no gray zones in patient safety, and we know that our reputation is only as strong as our medicines are safe and effective.

At Teligent, we are each empowered to ask tough questions and proactively test assumptions to drive continuous improvement in all our processes. We possess the courage to say, “No” when it is right.

Quality is the most important product that we produce. It drives our reputation, our sales, and most importantly, our culture.

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Speaking Up For Quality

For Quality to be number one, it cannot compete with cost, schedule or profit. This is very important to me because I know that if something is wrong I am expected to say something. In other companies, people are often afraid to speak up if something is wrong.

Tyler – Commercial Operations