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Our approach to diversity begins with how and where we recruit for our new employees. While you need certain skills and discipline to work in our regulated environment, it is not a requirement that you come from the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, in some cases Teligent is the first job that some employees hold after their graduation. Our goal is to connect with a diverse community of qualified, committed and engaged candidates.

We then strive to develop and retain our diverse workforce. A commitment to inclusion, where everyone is accepted and valued regardless of who you are, starts at the top with our CEO.

Our expectation is that all employees demonstrate this commitment, and as a result we transcend our individual differences. We have no doubt that our diversity makes us stronger and smarter.

teligent employees in the lab

Stronger through Diversity

Teligent welcomes employees from all different nationalities to share their uniqueness. One example is our monthly Employee Appreciation Lunch that always includes a dish from a different country. It’s a little thing, but it makes me feel welcome.

Ethan – Sales and Marketing

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