What Our People Say

Each of our employees has a special spark that we call ‘’Teligence’’.

It’s a powerful, uniting force that magnifies what we could do on our own. The Teligent spark empowers us to dream of a brighter future. To envision our work having a deeper impact on others’ lives. To build something that is bigger than ourselves.

Our journey is underway. It is driven by our culture, which is a reflection of our people.

photo of teligent employee


We are more human here. Although we challenge each other, respect comes first. There is also a much stronger sense of ownership.

Mike, Packaging
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photo of teligent employee


I take extreme pride in what we make at Teligent. Regardless of the paycheck or experience, the greatest feeling is knowing that what you do every day is helping someone’s life.’

Justine, Finance
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We try not to take ourselves too seriously. A sense of humor and a smile go a long way.

Mark, Sales and Marketing
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photo of teligent employee


At Teligent, our leadership doesn’t micro-manage. Employees are empowered to make the correct choices on their own.

Mia, Product Development
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